The Logo for Grace Classical Academy:

GCA Knot with Text Raster 

The basis of the logo for Grace Classical Academy is a Celtic trivium knot, or more accurately, a triquetra (Latin for “three corners”).  With a strong Christian foundation, we see this symbol as representation of God in the trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The triquetra has three distinct parts, yet no beginning and no end.  The Triquetra is created when one draws three interlinked circles (also a depiction of the trinity), which are also called “Borromean rings”.  The triquetra has been used by Christians as early as the 19th century, especially with the addition of another circle that intersects the triquetra and was used to symbolize God’s eternity and all encompassing love.  By employing the classical model in our teaching at Grace Classical Academy, this symbol also is being used to represent the trivium of education – Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic.    


Similar to other symbols of Christianity, including the Cross, the star of David and the Seed of Life, the triquetra has been used by many non-Christians to symbolize other things.  At Grace Classical Academy, we recognize that God, the creator of all things, is far bigger than any symbol and He can redeem anything for His glory.  We need to be cognizant of these worldly views and, as Christians, guard our hearts against idolatry.